The dirt on archaeologists: Book review

Johnson’s book about archaeologists—their passion, tenacity and sense of humour—is filled with many fun (and disgusting) facts
Richard III

An interview with the woman who found Richard III

Philippa Langley did the impossible. She discovered the last English king slain in battle.

Leicester wins the battle over the bones of Richard III

A testy legal case over burying the last king slain in England
Striding Lion

How Mesopotamia invented our world (and created the best beer stein)

A look at the only Canadian stop on a world tour of treasures from the cradle of civilization

Vikings in Canada?

A researcher says she’s found evidence that Norse sailors may have settled in Canada’s Arctic. Others aren’t so sure.
Italy – Investigation begins into neglect of Pompeii

Things fall apart in Italy, and not just the economy

Ancient architectural ruins are crumbling faster than ever due to austerity measures
Missing image

Oldest known wine press found

Red wine made 6,000 years ago in Armenia
Missing image

A trove of ’degenerate’ art

Workers in Berlin have unearthed a slew of important Nazi-era bronze and ceramic sculptures
Missing image

Hunting for once-buried treasure

A 270-year-old birch arrow (in four pieces) was found in the N.W.T.