Archie Comics

1976: (L-R) Dennis Bowen as Archie, Jim Boelsen as Moose, Mark Winkworth as Reggie, Derrel Maury as Jughead, appearing in the ABC tv series 'ABC Saturday Comedy Special' episode 'Archie'. (Walt Disney Television/Getty)

Why did Ed the Sock compare Jagmeet Singh to Jughead, the misunderstood Archie character?

Nick Taylor-Vaisey: ‘Jughead’ was a racist insult thrown at Singh as a kid. Whatever the Sock’s intention, his premise is flawed. Jughead Jones is brilliant.

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Jaime Weinman on Archie Andrews’ alternate-universe death and why comic book companies like to kill off top characters

Archie in bits and bytes

Archie in bits and bytes

You don’t often hear “cutting edge” and “Archie comics” together


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