Arctic Council

Get ready for a Canadian Arctic research boom

An Arctic science lab set to open this summer has already draw attention from researchers from around the world keen to explore what lies beneath the tundra

Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s Arctic problem

All of Moscow’s effort and attention, combined with Canada’s neglect, has effectively turned the Arctic Ocean into Putin’s Lake.

Leona Aglukkaq on northern perspectives and whether the EU belongs in the Arctic Council

The health minister and Arctic Council chair in conversation with Luiza Ch. Savage

Why the world wants the Arctic

Why everyone wants a piece of the Arctic

In temperature and politics, the Arctic has never been hotter. As other nations try to get in on the action, Canada is gearing up for a fight.

hillary clinton

The Commons: Just visiting

The House comes to grips with what Clinton thinks of our approach to Arctic sovereignty and the war in Afghanistan