assisted death


The impossible case of assisted death for people with dementia

Is it too much to ask people to follow through on previously expressed wishes for assisted death? An expert report suggests it may well be.

For people with dementia, a fight for the right to die

The Alzheimer Society of Canada is reconsidering its position on advanced requests for assisted death, amidst a difficult debate about the rights of those with dementia

Canada’s halfway measures on assisted dying fail the mentally ill

When it comes to psychological suffering, talking about doctor-assisted death can be tricky. But Canada needs a proper framework.

Finding death, when the assisted dying law leaves you out

Despite new legislation on assisted dying, some Canadians remain in a desperate catch-22. Ruth Duffin was one.
Shannon Proudfoot. (Photograph by Natalie Castellino)

While we still can: The case for advance directives

A proposed law on assisted death will not allow patients to choose death while they remain able. Should it?
Senator Betty Unger.

Sen. Betty Unger on Bill C-14: ’I am morally opposed’

Why one senator sees the assisted-dying bill as ’just morally wrong’

Assisted death is the new pro-choice

When does life—and a doctor’s duty—begin and end? Assisted dying is dredging up the big questions of the abortion debate, for better or worse.
Justin Trudeau

In this House fracas, everyone loses—especially Justin Trudeau

How the Liberals brought their Parliamentary boiling point, and its aftermath, on themselves
Murray Rankin

Murray Rankin on assisted dying’s trickier questions

Murray Rankin discusses a new report from a special committee of MPs and senators on physician-assisted dying