Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Canadian students pay too much for textbooks

New copyright licensing deal won’t help: Jesse Brown

Why are Canadian students still paying through the nose for textbooks?

Open Access is one way we could be lowering the cost of higher education. But we aren’t.


The verdict, Dr. Smith?

Maclean’s first rankings issue featured his controversial university study. Two decades later, he weighs in again.


University enrolment continues to rise

Student groups concerned about high tuition


We don’t want your postdoc fellowships

New Banting Fellowships are elitist, says CAUT

SFU pursues American accreditation

With no Canadian accreditation body, universities look south of the border for stamp of approval


Budget 2010: New post-doctoral grant

Granting councils to get fellowship funding for new PhDs


The return of ‘voluntary’ retirement

The academic labour market never gets any breathing room


Against pragmatism

Justifying the university means justifying what universities do, not what we want them to do


Where to find assets that never drop in value

The problem is that Stephen Harper sees academics as useless bits of the electorate