atlantic monthly


Says here we’re doomed

A fascinating article in The Atlantic Monthly explains patiently why weekly print newsmagazines are certain to vanish from this earth, unless they are The Economist. This has caused a series of tense emergency meetings at Maclean’s. Just kidding. Actually I don’t know whether anyone else on staff has read it. I could give you my reasons why I think we’re going to be basically OK, and indeed rather better than that, but if you don’t believe it you won’t believe it, and anyway I can’t control the comment boards, so over to you.


Could Canada gain from Climate Change?

Perhaps this is a thought that dare not speak its name, yet it has haunted me ever since Canada came under such strong criticism at the UN climate talks in Poznan talks. Could Canada gain geopolitically from climate change, and if so, was that the reason why we were doing so little about it? This is a cold, callous idea, and one that would horrify most Canadians. Yet it is the viewpoint of Atlantic Monthly columnist Gregg Easterbrook, who wrote: