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When the scenery chews back

How landscape upstaged the actors in Cannes
Egoyan 300×300

Egoyan feels the wrath of Cannes with ’The Captive’

The first of three Canadian films gets a chilly reception in Cannes
The Devil’s Knot 445×290

There’s no unravelling this ’Devil’s Knot’

Atom Egoyan tiptoes around the mystery of the West Memphis Three

Daniel Radcliffe and Jake Gyllenhaal starring in Canadian movies?

Canadian directors are hooked on Hollywood stars

TIFF 2013 Diary, Day Three ... from space cadets to cannibals

Our daily dose of the TIFF scene, from Sandra Bullock’s space cadet to Eli Roth’s hungry fans

Toronto critics fuel the heat of ’Incendies’

Oscar buzz mounts for Denis Villeneuve

Opening Weekend: boundary issues in ’Chloe’ and ’Greenberg’

Amanda Seyfried and Ben Stiller to take a walk on the wild side with auteurs Atom Egoyan and Noah Baumbach.
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Dear John, I’ve really changed

In Atom Egoyan’s ‘Chloe,’ Amanda Seyfried has the scary power of a young Bette Davis
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Toronto critics award ’Polytechnique’

"I haven’t paid my Rogers cable bill," says Denis Villeneuve after getting the $10,000 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award