Is Canada prepared for a chemical weapon attack like the one in the U.K.?

If a nerve agent like Novichok was used here, there are antitodes on hand to save a few of victims. A larger attack would test Canada’s readiness.

The Barcelona attack and what it says about ISIS today

The cell behind the Las Ramblas attack was not sophisticated. But its tactics underscore how difficult it will be to end this kind of terror.

Donald Trump’s war and the ‘Madman theory’

The attack on Syria was very likely the right thing to do. It was also confusing, risky and unpredictable—just like the President

Terror in the heart of London

British Parliament was in lockdown after an attacker killed at least 4 people and seriously injured at least 20 others


Student alleges hate crime at Seneca

School conducting review


Blinded student returns to Vancouver

Rumana Monzur will receive treatment at UBC

Student sues Carleton for broken nose

Skidmore didn’t file his claim until four years later