Raining on the pride parade

Raining on the Pride parade

The Toronto event was widely reported to have been attended by a million people—an impossible statistic


Get out of bed, the university is watching

University installs scanners to track attendance


All who are here, please say “present”

As MP attendance is apparently of some concern, I am perhaps obligated to report that Helena Guergis, the independent MP for Simcoe-Grey, was in the House of Commons today for Question Period, taking her seat in the far right corner of the room. It was, if memory properly serves, her first appearance since resigning her cabinet post in early April.


Tampa Bay Expos?

Nobody likes a bandwagon jumper. They’re an insult to every loyal fan who keeps on cheering no matter what the standings say. Like the crowd in San Francisco the other night—31,000 strong—who showed up to watch their woeful Giants battle the Colorado Rockies in a game that meant absolutely nothing. San Fran is 15 games under .500 and nowhere near a playoff spot, yet AT&T Park was nearly full. And it has been the entire season, averaging 35,641 paying customers per game.