The graduate’s million-dollar promise

A university degree was once a guarantee of higher incomes. Those days are gone, argue two profs

Canadian students pay too much for textbooks

New copyright licensing deal won’t help: Jesse Brown


Canadian universities’ Brazilian ambition

Last October I wrote a really strange column noting that the government of Brazil is sending 75,000 students abroad on scholarships, and Brazilian businesses were bankrolling another 25,000, and Canada was way behind in recruiting those students to Canadian universities.

A two-tier system?

As lectures grow, special classes emerge for the academically-inclined


A lesson for presidents on academic freedom

AUCC’s new statement needs some editing: Pettigrew


Harper in Brazil: the critics are raving

And just this once, I mean the title non-ironically. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada “applauds” and “is delighted by” Harper’s announcement of increased Canada-Brazil cooperation in higher education and research. And it “welcomes”  a plan to open three new visa centres in Brazil.


More Asian?

It’s a veritable blitz the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has launched in India this month, in an attempt to put Canadian universities higher on the list of options the best Indian students consider when they head off to higher education. Fifteen Canadian university presidents are in India, along with federal science and technology minister Gary Goodyear.


Education groups divided over copyright legislation

Concerns arise over whether the education exception is neutered by digital locks

SFU pursues American accreditation

With no Canadian accreditation body, universities look south of the border for stamp of approval


The return of ‘voluntary’ retirement

The academic labour market never gets any breathing room


Against pragmatism

Justifying the university means justifying what universities do, not what we want them to do


University enrolment up, as grads return to school

Recession drives the biggest spike in enrolment since 2003