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The Canada Border Services Agency took criticism from the auditor general's office over its failure to track down deportees. (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

How to bury bad news in the middle of a hot summer

Why did Finance Minister Bill Morneau and the auditor general drop important reports on the very same midsummer day?
The 2012 unveiling of a Light Armoured Vehicle at a General Dynamics facility in London, Ont. An auditor general's report found no consideration of human rights on the part of the federal agency that brokered the deal to sell LAVs to Saudi Arabia (Mark Spowart/CP)

Lost deportees, lapsed loans, late army rations: highlights from the auditor general reports

Canada’s spending watchdog found the Canada Border Services Agency and—surprise—the military had a lot of trouble delivering on their deliverables
Michael Ferguson

The government might welcome this tough Auditor General’s report

Lots of new material to distract from the Senate scandal
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Sending government ads to an advertising commissioner

A Liberal MP proposes an answer to complaints about government ads
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Has the F-35 been a boondoggle?

Peter MacKay objects to the use of the b-word
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This week in parliamentary reform

Expenses, audits and petitions
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What’s the answer to the missing $3.1 billion?

Either way, it’s time to reform the estimates process
Auditor General

The Auditor General and the $3.1 billion

Some of what the AG told the Public Accounts committee
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While we’re at, let’s just fix the whole system

The House debates the $3.1 billion in anti-terrorism funding