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Toyota Canada 20180504

Corporate welfare and the gullible governments that pay it

Opinion: Ottawa and Ontario just gave Toyota $220 million for something it likely would have done anyway. Governments need to wise up.

NAFTA Mock Talks, Round 1: Auto industry and rules of origin

Expert negotiators from each of the three countries have three sessions to hammer out a new NAFTA. Will America drive too hard a bargain on autos?
Chrysler To Repay $7.53 Billion In Government Loans By June

America is making country of origin rules a NAFTA priority. Look out, Canada.

Why Canada’s global sales pitch as a simpler avenue to U.S. consumers may bother the Trump administration
Production At the Volkswagen AG Factory As $7 Billion North American Investment Planned

When robots steal your job

The real driver behind re-shoring is automation. Robotic jobs, not humans, are coming back to North America.
A visitor at the 2016 Canadian International Auto Show. (Bruce Reeve/CBC)

What your car isn’t telling you

Driving schools have a new challenge: features in cars that make us safer—and stupider
New Ford vehicles are seen at a parking lot of the Ford factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo

Is there an auto bubble on the horizon?

Strong auto sales are dangerously dependent on cheap debt. Are auto loans the next ’Big Short’?

Lust turns to rust: Why Canada’s love for cars won’t end well

Wishful thinking can’t triumph over reality forever. And so Canada’s car boom can’t last, either.

It’s time for Ontario to break its auto habit

Governments have taken to subsidizing carmakers in a wage race to the bottom
(Jan 2013) Detroit, MI North American International Auto Show

Why Ontario needs to wean itself off the auto industry

Auto jobs will disappear eventually. A controlled exit is better than continuing the cycle of structural unemployment.

5 ways technology is revolutionizing your ride

Go driverless, link a smartwatch, take a selfie—it’s the dawn of a new auto era