Avi Lewis

Lewis and Klein at the Toronto International Film Festival on Aug. 5, 2015 (Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP)

Avi Lewis: You mean this isn’t how to kill the NDP?

Paul Wells: A key author of the Leap Manifesto, which divided the NDP in 2016, is now running for the party. Tensions aside, it may be a good thing.
Guy Caron, Charlie Angus, Jagmeet Singh, Niki Ashton

The NDP looks for a winner, mostly avoids divisive debate

When the party dumped Tom Mulcair, it seemed hungry for a sharp left turn. But the race to replace him has been more cautious
Avi Lewis

Avi Lewis on the ’ideological battle’ over the Leap Manifesto

Avi Lewis on the climate crisis, Naomi Klein, and how he didn’t mean to ‘blow up the NDP convention’
Hans Modlich

The Leap Manifesto, and where the NDP will land

The federal NDP agreed to discuss the Leap Manifesto. What comes next will have a big impact on the Alberta NDP.