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Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 -1

Canada is adopting standards aimed at helping pilots land on slippery runways

It will be the first aviation authority to apply benchmarks to help improve pilots’ ability to judge how—or even whether—to land. Do they go far enough?

From joyous wedding to national tragedy

The aftermath of the Iran plane crash takes the form of heartbreaking recollections—many of them centred in Edmonton’s small Iranian-Canadian community
The tail of AirAsia QZ8501 passenger plane is seen on the deck of the Indonesian Search and Rescue (BASARNAS) ship Crest Onyx after it was lifted from the sea bed, south of Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan

Deadly stalls haunt airlines as AirAsia investigation unfolds

As senior officials suggest a high-altitude stall, fears grow about disasters similar to the AirAsia incident
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

The U.S. goes four years without a commercial airline crash and J. Lo finds a way around the Grammys dress code
Groggy Pilot 20120416

Air travel myths dispelled

Jesse Brown: Body scanners don’t work and phones are safe for takeoff
Michael O’Leary

Ryanair says scrap the seatbelt

CEO Michael O’Leary is even proposing standing-room only tickets on flights
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Maclean’s Interview: Robert Helmreich

Aviation safety expert Robert Helmreich talks to Kate Fillion about pilot error, engine failure, and ditching on the Hudson River