Fentanyl’s deadly toll rises in B.C.

After our June story on the killer drug taking over Canadian streets, fentanyl is back in the news with a new spate of tragic deaths
Canadian Speed Limit Sign of 110 km/h – Stock Image

Editorial: It’s time for Canada to increase highway speed limits

B.C. is going to let drivers go 120 km/h on some highways. The rest of Canada needs to get up to speed.

B.C. starfish are dissolving into goo, and no one knows why

Scientists are baffled: “We have no clue what’s causing this,” says one marine biologist
Christy Clark

The fiscal outlook for B.C.’s re-elected Liberals

Whatever happens next, they’re starting out from a good place, writes Kevin Milligan
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Christy Clark loses another prominent cabinet minister

VICTORIA - Another high-profile B.C. cabinet minister has said he will not run in the next election, blowing another hole in Premier Christy Clark’s already tattered front bench.
A sex appeal problem

Christy Clark’s sex appeal problem

Lacking support from female voters, the B.C. premier hosts a women-only breakfast
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Police investigate mysterious discovery on Victoria beach

VICTORIA — The discovery of three shoes — two of which appear to be children’s — containing bone and a "meat-like substance" have forced police to shut down a stretch of beach in the province’s capital.
Dr. Julio Montaner

Can mass HIV testing really end AIDS?

Science-ish examine’s B.C.’s proposal