Real estate

Housing bubble: listening for the pop

The fact is, no one is really sure what to make of the many natural laws of housing prices
The Warren Buffett of B.C.

Jim Pattison, the Warren Buffett of B.C.

The octogenarian billionaire is still growing his Vancouver-based empire. His latest move takes him back to the business that started it all: selling cars.
taylor prize rotator

Where’s the sizzle in Canada’s non-fiction?

The Charles Taylor Prize always brings out many very good writers. It rarely takes my breath away.
High stakes

How was Ottawa to choose who would build its ships?

Two contracts. Three provinces—each with a history of feeling slighted by the feds.
Minister overboard

Minister overboard

Keeping meddling politicians out of the shipbuilding contract decision worked. Is there a lesson here?

A state of perfect disharmony

COYNE: You’d think provinces would not have to be bribed to act in their own interest
Cashing in on foreign students

Cashing in on foreign students

Public schools that recruit high-paying international students create, some say, a two-tier system
Has anyone seen the sun?

Has anyone in B.C. seen the sun?

Gloomy weather in B.C. is taking its toll on tourism
You are invited to a tax party

You are invited to a tax party

B.C. residents tune out the spin, and turn to each other for the HST vote
Feasting on Tofino

Feasting on Tofino

Eating locally is all very good, but why shouldn’t all of us get to indulge in regional treats?