The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island

The controversial ban on rescuing endangered right whales

The death of a Canadian whale rescuer led Canada and the U.S. to ban operations on right whales—’a real insult’ to their work, says one rescuer

Donald Trump is destabilizing Iraq

The travel ban from several Muslim nations is dismantling any goodwill the U.S. has built up, and boosting Iranian influence

He’s a hero to U.S. soldiers. Will the U.S. let him return home?

Visiting Kirkuk on a trip, military interpreter Alan Adil Abdullah isn’t sure what will happen when he tries to return to his kids and home in Seattle
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Bidding adieu to "mademoiselle"

A French town decides women shouldn’t be defined by their marital status
Good news

Good news, bad news: Sept. 15-22

B.C. salmon are radiation-free, RCMP officers get off scot-free for tasering a child
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Don’t ban The Wars

Concerned parents want award-winning novel removed from Southern Ontario classrooms
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Defund Ontario’s Catholic schools

Latest flip-flop by Halton trustees shows they’re not in it for the students
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Catholic schools say gays and Nazis can go to hell

Spokesperson says remarks were taken out of context.
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Student challenges alcohol ban for young drivers

Proving the law is ’unconstitutional’ may not be so easy