Why I Admire Aaron Spelling

VCI entertainment has released the first half of the first season of Burke’s Law. (The first season had 32 episodes; they’ve released 16, with the other 16 hopefully to come later this year.) This was, as the end credits tell us, “Produced by Aaron Spelling,” and, oh, boy, is it ever an Aaron Spelling production. It was his first hit as a producer, starting his almost 40-year reign over the world of trashy TV, and it holds up about as well as any of Spelling’s other hits. Which is to say, not that badly at all, if you’re in the right frame of mind. I also think it’s strangely relevant in a time when more and more people are trying to do shows that are vaguely Spelling-esque, shows about the steamy, sexy intrigues of wealthy people. The producers of MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives could have taken some notes from Spelling on how to make a successful sexy, trashy show. (Update: speaking of MVP, check out Diane Kristine’s interview with Mary Young Leckie, co-creator of the CBC show that may have a second life elsewhere. So maybe they don’t need to take notes after all.)