Bashar al-Assad


How Assad’s man got a priceless antiquity out of Canada and into Syria

Terry Glavin: The man Ottawa deemed unfit to be honorary consul is being celebrated in Damascus for ’repatriating’ a 5th century Byzantine mosaic to Bashar’s blood-drenched regime

Chrystia Freeland revokes status of controversial Syrian consul

The foreign minister has ordered a review after approval of honorary consul embarrasses the Liberals and upsets many in Canada’s Syrian community

Why did the Trudeau government approve Bashar al-Assad’s man in Montreal?

An unapologetic supporter of Assad’s regime has been named Syria’s honorary consul—to the dismay of many Syrians in Canada familiar with him

Syria’s once-promising revolution lurches toward a horrific end in Idlib

Terry Glavin: The tragic pattern of Russian barbarism, American duplicity and the Assad regime’s murderous cruelty is playing out once more—and no one is willing to stop it

Understanding the effects of a chemical attack

A doctor explains the devastating impact of a sarin-gas attack, and how to determine who was responsible

Our day of reckoning for Syria is coming

The mass murder and madness in Syria has opened a great gaping wound in humanity. Repairing it is going to cost us all deeply.
U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71) fires a tomahawk land attack missile in Mediterranean Sea

Bombs don’t make you president

Many were quick to praise Donald Trump’s Syrian strike. But that doesn’t suddenly make him a coherent, serious president
Former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton appears on stage at the Women in the World Summit

Hillary finally talks: ’As an American, I’m pretty worried’

In her first post-election interview, Clinton gave insight into Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad—and her own ’devastating’ loss to Trump
US Syria

Donald Trump orders missile strikes on Assad targets in Syria

In dramatic shift in policy, America fires on military targets in Syria, in Donald Trump’s first major military action as president
Mideast Syria Airstrikes

Omran Daqneesh, the face of global neglect in Syria

An injured little boy is a metaphor for the collapse of humanity in a ceaseless war in Syria we’d rather not even think about