Bashar al-Assad

Michael Petrou

Why we must expand our mission into Syria

The Globe and Mail opposes Canada’s war against Islamic State entering Syria. Michael Petrou explains why that’s wrong.
Michael Petrou

Expanding airstrikes in Syria will help. But the mission still needs work.

Michael Petrou on why Harper’s plan to have airstrikes in Syria will work, but the mission continues to have a major flaw
Turkish soldiers stand guard as Syrians wait behind the border fences near the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province

Syria’s ticking refugee time bomb

Syria’s refugee crisis could explode across the Middle East and beyond—and the West’s lack of action will come back to haunt it.
Islamist fighters carry weapons as they march during their graduation ceremony at a camp in eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus N

On the road to terror

Hundreds of Westerners have travelled to Syria to fight the Assad regime. Do they really pose a threat?
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5 at 5: Southern U.S. braces for more storms, potential tornadoes

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Bashar al-Assad: Not so bad after all?

Fearful of what might replace him, the West appears to be warming up to the Syrian dictator
Syria 445×290

Syria and the costs of non-intervention

Real evidence of crimes against humanity and war crimes
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Newsmakers of 2013: Bashar al-Assad marches on in Syria

Saddam and Gadhafi are dead. Egypt’s Mubarak is deposed. Yet Syria’s blood-soaked tyrant remains.

Syria’s enemy within

Those fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime have never been fully united, but divisions are growing increasingly deadly
Syria conflict refugees arriving in Iraq – 24 Aug 2013

Today’s headlines: The offhand remark that might have spared Syrians

John Kerry’s suggestion that Syria turn over chemical weapons finds broad support