26 more questions for Prince Andrew about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Patricia Treble: Even with the detailed grilling by Emily Maitlis, there remain unanswered questions. Here are some.

In Britain, poverty becomes prime-time TV

Dubbed the ‘working-class Hunger Games,’ a controversial new reality show hits at the heart of Britain’s class obsession

Top Gear’s big, boorish, golden goose

A spat between TV hosts that came to blows should be resolved with cash and an apology, or the BBC’s Top Gear could disappear

Britain’s massive smash TV hit is…a baking show?

How a reality show all about baking—instead of bickering or backstory—became a proxy for an uncertain United Kingdom

Matters of inquiry with the BBC and British media

Phone hacking, now pedophilia. The Imperfectionists author Tom Rachman dissects the U.K. media mess.

A Holmes for our times

In an age when nerds rule, Sherlock the eccentric brainiac has sex appeal


National Unity Watch

Denis Coderre said yesterday that a Wild Rose win in Alberta might have an impact on national unity.

London’s long, hot summer

London’s long, hot summer

What role did social media play in the violence?

'This place is what Canada is all about'

‘This place is what Canada is all about’

The ball hockey-playing prince wooed the crowd in four languages

Cleaning up privacy laws

Cleaning up Britain’s privacy laws

Should government or the courts draw the line between free speech and the right to privacy?


A very pale shade of green

The BBC brings us a short article about carbon footprints by environmental author-consultant Mike Berners-Lee, who brings the rewarding news that “we can actually afford to chill out about certain carbon footprints, which aren’t as bad as many of us might think.”


‘The cultural collapse of television in Britain’

Former Late Show co-host Sarah Dunant considers her former colleague and what they might do next.