beach volleyball

Beach volleyball’s never-ending joust over bikini uniforms

‘If the [skin-tight] uniform was so great and enhanced your ability to move, then males would be wearing speedos. But they’re not’

Beach Volleyball: The antidote to dressage

Fans don’t know a bump from a bumper, but they clearly enjoy themselves

Harry hits the beach and wears a brotherly mask, literally

On the last leg of his first solo royal tour, Prince Harry showed more of his relaxed, humorous nature to denizens of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a day spent largely on sports activities, he donned a face mask of his older brother, William, for a charity run. He also hit the beach, teaching kids the wonderfully strange rules of rugby; a sport just starting to take off in Latin America. And then, he got a lesson himself in Rio’s most famous past time—beach volleyball. Alas, photographers’ dreams of the ultimate photo op was for naught: the female players were far more covered up than they usually are in professional tournaments.