Bed Bugs

January 10, 2011 Christian Cadieux (R), owner of Bed Bugs Bite , and employee Jeff Lake fumigates a

Are bed-bug bylaws a good idea?

Pest infestations are driving renters around the bend, but Toronto’s response might be harder on tenants’ finances than it is on the vermin
These bedbugs belong to Walter Penny who uses them to train his dog Macaroni to find them. They are about the size of a capital “O” in this caption. Bedbugs are known for being small, elusive and nocturnal, making them difficult to detect. The name bedbug

How the bed bug took over the world

There is no surefire way to be rid of the scourge of bed bugs; there’s a reason we use the term ‘pest control’ and not ‘pest annihilation’
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Five things you should know about bed bugs

How to avoid unwanted roommates at school
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Will Toronto have an itch-free film festival?

Possible bedbugs in theatre investigated ahead of TIFF