Riot police in Hong Kong detain a protester on Sunday during a demonstration against Beijing's national security legislation (Vincent Yu/AP)

The fight for a free Hong Kong isn’t over just because Canada wants no part of it

Terry Glavin: Politicians, academics and activists around the world say Beijing has undermined its claim to sovereignty over Hong Kong by breaching its 1997 agreement with Britain. Will the Trudeau government join them?

Is Beijing sticking its nose into the election campaign in Markham?

Marcus Kolga: For the sake of democracy, voters in the Markham-Unionville riding should ask their local candidates about their positions on human rights in China
Justin Trudeau Li Keqiang

Who lost China? And how was Canada supposed to win it?

Paul Wells: Some old hands think Canada should have tipped off China in the Huawei case. Their advice says a lot about what’s changed in Ottawa.

So long, Silicon Valley. China is the world’s innovation engine.

China’s innovation leap appears unstoppable, writes John Shmuel. Even Western startups are starting to copy Chinese ideas.
U.S. Pres. Trump and Chinese Pres. Xi

Welcome to a world no longer led by Moscow and Washington

Scott Gilmore: While America slinks into isolation and Russia jokes on Twitter, Beijing is shaping the world order
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits China

Trudeau tries to thread the China needle

Paul Wells : The Liberals held public consultations on free trade with China. Will the message they got inform the latest mission to Beijing?
Chinese President Xi Jinping gestures to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau ahead of their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing

Why Canadians need to start worrying about China

Terry Glavin on the Liberals’ increasingly dangerous, starry-eyed enthusiasm for China, and how badly Ottawa keeps misreading its rise
Men wearing protective masks talk on a street on a heavily polluted day in Beijing

The odds (and evens) of the sun shining in Beijing aren’t good

The government’s recent red alerts about smog in Beijing have left many residents feeling more cynical than safe

Hailing a P.I. for taxi lost-and-found

On the cold, mean streets of Beijing, a private detective searches taxis to recover lost objects and hope