Ben Lobb

Does the PMO think Justin Trudeau is already prime minister?

Let us applaud this interest in documentation and disclosure


C-377 passes

After two proposed amendments were passed and one defeated, C-377 passed the House last night by a vote of 147-135. Five Conservatives voted against: Brent Rathgeber, Mike Allen, Patricia Davidson, Ben Lobb and Rodney Weston.


Wind-farm rogue

Ben Lobb joins fellow Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre, Bev Shipley, Larry Miller, Gary Schellenberger and Patricia Davidson in calling for a moratorium on wind farm development in Ontario until a Health Canada study can be completed, but Dave Van Kesteren declines to call for a halt.


All politics is local wind turbines

Health Canada has announced a study of the potential health impacts of wind turbines.

The Commons: In a state of “suspended animation”

The ongoing saga of a round-the-clock filibuster


Apropos of nothing

Excluding those born outside Canada, the following Conservative MPs have lived, studied or worked outside the country.