Benjamin Perrin


The cherub who took the stand, smiled, and delivered a bad day

Former PMO in-house counsel Benjamin Perrin sat in the witness box at the Mike Duffy trial and gleefully took aim at Nigel Wright’s testimony

The original problem in the Duffy affair

Inside the PMO’s efforts to settle the constitutional question that plagued Mike Duffy
Ray Novak

The circle closes in around PMO chief of staff Ray Novak

The reported memory of one former PMO advisor suggests another chief of staff to the Prime Minister, Ray Novak, knew about a payment to Mike Duffy
Missing image

The Privy Council Office finds Benjamin Perrin’s emails

Legal counsel’s records were thought to have been deleted

Seven key points in the Duffy affair

Making sense of the he said, she said, they said, who said

Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the production order

Reading through the RCMP’s filing

The Commons: Stephen Harper answers at least one question

So at least we know that Nigel Wright said he made no offer to any other senator

The Commons: John Baird tries to explain what he understands to be true

The opposition is not appeased by the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of unhappiness
Stephen Harper

And now, soon, a word from the Prime Minister

Reporters invited to watch Stephen Harper address caucus