Bernard Patry


Add Pierrefonds-Dollard to the list

The CBC finds another riding with allegations of phone calls about polling stations.


Is there a doctor in the House?

Chris Selley questions the medical wisdom of politicians.


What they said (III)

On April 23, 2007, the Globe reported what it had learned from interviews with 30 detainees. Two days later, the paper revealed what the Foreign Affairs department’s own reporting disclosed about torture in Afghanistan. After the premature announcement of a new transfer agreement that week, a new deal was signed on May 3.

Martin Cauchon, you’re not alone

Hélène Buzzetti has the scoop: “According to information gathered by Le Devoir, four Quebec Liberal MPs are being asked by Denis Coderre to leave politics and hand over their safe seats to a star candidate.”


To get more women into Parliament, we’ve got to get rid of some of the women in Parliament

With all the usual caveats whenever anonymous Liberals are involved, a novel theory is attributed to Denis Coderre here.

MPs do their part and chow down on lobster

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea hosted a packed reception at the Westin Ottawa for PEI Seafood Processors Association, in an effort to bring awareness to current low-price challenges facing the lobster industry.

The Commons: A thoroughly unsexy day

Lisa Raitt provides no apology, the House is stunned


The Final Day: Keeping score

Ralph Goodale re-elected. Belinda Stronach’s riding goes to the Conservatives. Bonnie Brown is out.


The Commons: Peter MacKay picks a fight with God

With few left on this earthly realm to denounce, the government wits seek a higher target