Best of 2015

Best movies of 2015

Our (lapsed) film critic Brian D. Johnson returns from making his own movie to produce a list of his favourite films of 2015

Paul Wells: The music I liked in 2015

Paul Wells missed out on our 2015 Missed It List. But here’s the best music he heard in 2015 all the same.

The 2015 Maclean’s Missed It List

There was a lot in culture to cover this year. Our writers point out some books, albums, TV series and more you may have overlooked.

Best (and worst) of television in 2015

From the best catchphrase to the worst use of a controversial real-life figure (come on, SNL), Jaime Weinman reviews the year in TV

Best of music in 2015

Maclean’s music critics name their favourite albums and pick out some of the best Canadian songs you may not have heard of