Best of 2018

Chrystia Freeland and the art of the deal

Spread thin and up against a bullying opponent, Chrystia Freeland saved NAFTA and emerged as the politician to watch in Ottawa. Now what?

The once-ragtag Canadian Corps’s capture of Vimy Ridge, led by British Lt.-Gen. Sir Julian Byng, was a signal achievement (Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty)

How Canada earned the world’s respect in the First World War

The Canadian Army was created from almost nothing. Training, leadership and grit made it indispensable to the effort.

‘It’s now or never’: The untold story of the dramatic, Canadian-led rescue of Syria’s White Helmets

It started with a frantic call to Canada’s ambassador to Jordan, writes Terry Glavin. How the escape unfolded—and the wrenching truth about those left behind

‘I am mine’: This is what Alzheimer’s is like at 41

Three years ago, Jo and his wife Robin shared their story: he had early-onset Alzheimer’s. Now, as it continues its swift, relentless assault on Jo, Robin navigates the unthinkable

Togo, Man, population 86. (Photograph by Mark Taylor)

What’s killing rural Canada

Crime, opioid abuse, boarded-up businesses and fleeing populations are destroying the country’s heartland. Can small-town life be saved?

What on earth is Stephen Harper up to?

The former prime minister is back—with a new book, a consultancy and a flurry of lucrative speaking engagements. He also took his one-man show to Trump’s doorstep.

The other side of Barry Sherman

Barry and Honey Sherman were beloved philanthropists. But he lived amid feuding family members, endless lawsuits and claims of corporate espionage. What really happened before their tragic deaths.

Mothers who regret having children are speaking up like never before

In pushing the boundaries of accepted maternal response, women are challenging an explosive taboo—and reframing motherhood in the process

How First Nations are fighting back against the foster care system

The stunning number of First Nations kids in foster care is a new touchstone for Indigenous activists—and for rebel parents