Bev Oda

A refugee camp and a game park hotel: Bev Oda goes to Africa

The former minister charged taxpayers for hefty rebooking fees

Time to go

From the penny to Premier McGuinty to the Wiggles, see who moved on in 2012

Big Bird! Bev Oda! Binders of women! Some of the hottest political Halloween outfits!

NDP MPs, staffers and friends gathered for Halloween at the NDP watering hole Brixton’s. Outfits included Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women,” Bev Oda sipping $16 OJ (albeit from a plastic container) and NDP MP Niki Ashton as Big Bird.

Bev Oda on three mementoes from her life as MP

Canada’s longest serving CIDA minister tells Maclean’s what she saved as she cleaned out her office


Oda, in retrospect

Evan Solomon’s exit interview with Bev Oda.


Behind the orange juice

In an exit interview with the CBC, Bev Oda explains why she ordered that expensive glass of orange juice and concedes she maybe shouldn’t have expensed it.

The quotable Bev Oda

A look back at the minister’s adventures in explaining complicated matters of maternal health, abortion and expensive orange juice


Minister, your limo awaits

Conservative backbencher Brent Rathgeber—he who recently questioned the use of ministerial limos—reacts to the Prime Minister’s suggestion that a full cabinet shuffle won’t be happening soon.

Happy to see Oda go? Really, you shouldn’t be.

Her departure had little to do with anything relevant

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Never mind that cabinet shuffle

Julian Fantino and Bernard Valcourt move and the PM says that’s it