338Canada: A bilingual Tory leader? The numbers say it matters.

Philippe J. Fournier: A new Léger poll shows Canadians favour a bilingual leader—and without one the Conservatives could face a crushing defeat
Parliament Hill and the Library of Canada in the fall in Ottawa, Ont. on Oct, 18, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lars Hagberg

Canada’s prime minister shouldn’t need to be bilingual

Why bilingualism needn’t be a qualification to be PM, even as hopefuls for the Conservative leadership work on their French
Night photo of front facade of the Supreme Court

In defence of a bilingual Supreme Court

Graham Fraser, Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages, on why Trudeau’s policy on bilingualism on the Supreme Court just makes sense

Just say ‘non’: The problem with French immersion

French immersion—meant to inspire national unity—has turned into an elitist, divisive and deeply troubled system
Tongue-tied no longer

Canada’s language wars are over

After 50 fraught years of fights, including a constitutional battle or three, French Canada has won
Michael Ferguson

Franchement: PM Stephen Harper and French Canadians

What’s striking about the claim that Harper has done more than any PM for French is only partly that it’s so easy to disprove
TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 22nd, 2012 – New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair.

Smart, tough and nasty: the definitive portrait of Thomas Mulcair

John Geddes on the NDP leader’s rise through the ruthless world of Quebec politics to become the PM’s toughest opponent yet
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A tale of two colleges in Sudbury

English college questions French school’s funding
Why official bilingualism doesn’t mean settling for second-best

Why official bilingualism doesn’t mean settling for second-best

Despite his inability to speak French, Ferguson was the best available candidate for the Auditor-General’s job