Bill 78

Quebec naked underwear protest

The five biggest campus news stories of 2012

From the turmoil of Quebec to the rise of the West
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Quebec students sue 25 universities and colleges

Suit says not enough done to allow access to classes
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Montreal police wield controversial Bill 78 for first time

19 under investigation after disruptions by demonstrators
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Chaotic scenes as Quebec universities reopen

Masked protesters descend on U. de Montreal and UQAM
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Quebec students disobey back-to-school law

Disruptions at Montreal university force class cancellation
Que Student Protests 20120822

Quebec students could block classes Monday

School restarts during final days of election campaign
United Nations Geneva

Top United Nations official "disappointed" with Bill 78

Watchdog says it’s immoral to mention Canada
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CEGEP students must confirm plans by Friday

Students who don’t risk losing credits
quebec mask and flames

Quebec’s new ruling class

An in-depth look at the nightly protests in Montreal
pot banging protest

Quebec’s pots and pans protesters

Forget tuition. It’s all about Law 78 now.