Bill Blaikie

Why don’t MPs vote electronically?

The arguments for and against one small change

The eternal, futile quest for perfect democracy

Parliament returns amid some desire for change

The Reform Act and how to fix Parliament

Michael Chong explains himself and the debate continues

The Commons: The NDP convenes with its past and its future

A weekend in Montreal with Mulcair and his brothers and sisters

What does the NDP stand for?

The New Democrats consider their preamble


Those who do not remember history

Further to this, astute tweeter Steve Lloyd points out that Stephen Harper was specifically addressed in the House about this matter of the CCF and World War II. “The leader of the CCF at the time, who was a pacifist on principle, voted against the declaration of war on Germany in 1939,” Bill Blaikie informed him, “but the rest of the CCF caucus at the time voted for it.” Mr. Harper responded as follows.


The Commons: Tom’s first day at school

Thomas Mulcair rose and so did the entirety of his caucus, his colleagues sounding his arrival with a great ‘Woooo!’

NDP Convention – scenes from the second day

The NDP chose a new leader over the weekend in dramatic fashion

Your parliamentarians of the year

Last night at the Chateau Laurier, Maclean’s and our gracious sponsors handed out the annual awards for the best in Parliament. This year’s parliamentarian of the year is Bob Rae and you can read my appraisal of him here. Previous winners include Bill Blaikie, Ralph Goodale, Jason Kenney and John Baird.

Right place, right time, right party

Right place, right time, right party

Paul Wells on how Ted Byfield helped pave the way for Harper’s majority win

Capital diary

Bill Blaikie’s daughter and Ignatieff’s rival

The next generation of politicians is stepping up