Bill C-51

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The roses and the thorns of Canada’s new national security bill

It’s far from perfect. But Bill C-59 is landmark legislation that appears to be an improvement over the Conservatives’ Bill C-51

Craig Forcese on how our anti-terror laws make Canadians less safe

How different are the new French laws from Canada’s new and controversial anti-terror laws, known as Bill C-51?
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Why banishing homegrown terrorists could backfire

The RCMP is scrambling to stop would-be terrorists from travelling overseas. Why do the Tories now want to do the opposite?
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An open letter from Artists Against C-51

Some prominent Canadian artists fear bill C-51 "directly attacks the creative arts and free expression in this country."
C51 Protest 20150418

Canadian artists fear C-51’s chill on expression

A group of Canadian artists say they’ll cast ballots on Oct. 19 for whomever will repeal bill C-51, the controversial law that dramatically increased the power of Canada’s spy agencies.

Election Issues 2015: A Maclean’s primer on terrorism

Maclean’s is your destination for the 2015 election. Start with our in-depth primers on the big issues, including terrorism
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Cocktail Party Politics: What you need to know about Bill C-51

It’s election time, and it’s going to come up over drinks. So watch our video series to understand the issues that will dominate the election
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Interview: Trudeau defends his Anti-Terrorism Act stance

The Liberal leader says he’s surprised anyone would ’make it seem like the Liberal party doesn’t care about the Charter’
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Anti-terror bill increases risk of tax leaks, experts say

The CRA can now share tax filings with 16 government agencies
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Maclean’s Live: The public safety committee scrutinizes Bill C-51

We’re streaming the parliamentary proceedings