Bill Casey

The Parliament candidate

The Conservative-turned-Independent goes Liberal

MPs behind the wonders of the Bay of Fundy

Terri McCulloch, Executive Director of Bay of Fundy Tourism, was on the Hill helping to spread the word to vote for the Bay of  Fundy as one of The New 7 Wonders of Nature. Vote  here. The Bay is the only Canadian entry remaining in the contest. She arrived with a giant bottle with messages from school children.


By-election expectation

In addition to each party dismaying of its chances—the Conservatives, for instance, are suddenly quite keen on Michael Ignatieff—it will no doubt be said over the next two months that by-elections naturally favour the government or opposition.


By-election brouhaha

Last night’s results—and shenanigans


Let us now obsess over relatively minor events

A look at the ins and outs of tonight’s by-elections


Mitchel Raphael on a Rahim Jaffer joke

And why Nova Scotian Bill Casey is so popular

A moment to say nice things

Our little pamphlet celebrated the parliamentarians of the year last night—and the written testaments to each MP’s excellence are now online, including salutes to Jason Kenney, Bob Rae, Peter Stoffer, Meghan Leslie, Paul Szabo, Bill Casey and Joe Comartin. The short profiles of Stoffer and Rae are particularly eloquent and insightful.

The Parliamentarians of the Year

Maclean’s magazine hands out awards for best overall MP, best orator, best rookie and more

Best Represents Constituents: Bill Casey

A lobster dinner epiphany led to noble isolation


Second-last of the independents

Bill Casey bid adieu to Parliament yesterday with a classy final speech (the Chuck Cadman story was particularly poignant). Tributes from Peter MacKay, Geoff Regan, Peter Stoffer,Claude DeBellefeuille and the Speaker followed.

Trudeau chills with his old crew

Members of Katimavik, Canada’s leading youth service program, were on the Hill for a reception which they do several times a year. Joining them was Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau who used to be Chair of the Board of Directors of Katimavik. Trudeau poses below with a youth and loaf of bread.