Bill Siksay

The fight against C-279

The Canada Family Action Coalition targets 15 Conservatives


The vast bathroom conspiracy

Rob Anders is circulating a petition that suggests Bill C-279, which deals with extending human rights protection to transgendered individuals, is “intended to give transgendered men access to women’s public washroom facilities.” This argument has been raised by opponents of the bill before—here is Conservative MP Dean Allison raising it during debate on a previous version of the legislation.


Parting words

After Question Period yesterday, members who will not be seeking reelection were allowed a few moments to say goodbye to the House of Commons. Eleven MPs rose and spoke of service and politicians turned into human beings before our very eyes. This from Bill Siksay.

Transgendered after party on the Hill

After Bill C-389, which adds gender identity and gender expression to the Canada Human Rights Act, passed last week NDP MP Bill Siksay (below, left) hosted an after party.


Au revoir, Mr. Siksay

After the House adjourned yesterday, the NDP’s Bill Siksay quietly announced he won’t be seeking reelection.


Free votes

As votes that transcend party lines are rare and social issues are generally the most difficult to navigate, a pair of recent private member’s bills to note.


The Tewksbury clause

Dale Smith, who noted the lack of reference to gay rights in the citizenship guide when the guide was released, rounds up reaction to yesterday’s revelation.

NDP sizzle

The NDP party held its year-end BBQ in the courtyard of East Block. Here is leader Jack Layton.


Mitchel Raphael on who Don Newman will miss

And Rona Ambrose’s man-hating dog

Politicians and prison outfits

AIDS activists dressed in black-and-white striped prison uniforms took to the Hill to protest the criminalization of HIV transmission, noting it is the only potentially fatal pathogen being treated this way.


Dan Gardner’s new favourite MP

The NDP’s Bill Siksay, during members’ statements this afternoon.