Under the Great Bear Sea, a roaring trove of natural treasures

See why conservationists want protection for the Great Bear Sea, one of the world’s most spectacular marine biosystems
IMPERIAL COUNTY, CA – APRIL 18:  A Burrowing Owl rests outside

In this election, conservation has become a dirty word

Canada used to be an international leader in wildlife conservation. But these days, the silence is deafening from all three major parties.
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Are bee hotels the answer to saving a species?

’Bee hotels’ have been popping up as a possible aid for bee populations. But there are problems for those checking in.
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Brace for ladybugs with a real bite this summer

They’re not the nice, harmless variety we’re used to
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Extinction rates are overestimated: study

Habitat loss does not play as great a role in extinction as thought
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James Cameron in Alberta’s oil sands

How the oil sands industry tried to convince him it’s not all bad
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The other long-form census

The head count is almost complete in the first tally of the world’s marine species