Black Canadians

These vintage photos celebrate Black communities in Canada through the decades

“There is an onus for us to document ourselves. I certainly wasn’t waiting for anyone to tell me about Black Kitchener-Waterloo—it was incumbent upon me to do so.”

Tunde Obasan with Jason Kenney (Courtesy of Tunde Obasan)

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Opinion: Bromley Armstrong—who passed away on Aug. 17—helped end the segregation of Canada’s public spaces. Why don’t more Canadians know his name?

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Opinion: The idea that Black Canadians all envision the same end goal is predicated on an assumption that simply may not be true

Does Ontario’s Black Youth Action Plan do enough?

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What an all-white roster of astronaut hopefuls says about our schools

Black Canadians aren’t entering the STEM fields—in part because of our education system’s soft bigotry of low expectations