Black Friday

Why do Canadian stores even offer Black Friday sales?

There are pitfalls for both sides: Black Friday is a ‘zero-sum game’ for retailers, while Canadian shoppers can get better deals on Boxing Day

Black Friday: Hand over the #@$% T-shirt!

Scott Feschuk on the start of the holiday shopping season and the end of civilizations.


Suspected shoplifter dies after altercation in Wal-Mart parking lot

The Black Friday shopping weekend turned tragic Sunday when a suspected shoplifter died after an altercation with Wal-Mart staff in a parking lot in Lithonia, Georgia.


Turnabout, fair play, etc.

Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner’s question for the government side yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, Conservative import tariffs are forcing Canadian hockey families to pay $200 more to suit up their kids in hockey gear than American families pay. Tomorrow, on Black Friday, thousands of Canadian families will head south of the border to buy hockey gear to avoid this Conservative hockey tax. That creates American jobs in American cities. Why will the Finance Minister not give Canadian families a break this Christmas, help Canadian retailers and get rid of this job-killing hockey tax?

Black Friday creep

Black Friday creep

This year, many big box retailers plan to open a little earlier than the normal 4 a.m.


Which country is right?

US vs. UK: Stimulus spending vs. hard-nosed austerity


Now that their dinner is really ruined . . .

You’d think it’s a good time for progressives to rethink the vote-with-my-wallet notion. The planet should be so lucky.


A gift to you: holiday sales start early

Even santas are suffering as retailers predict a grim holiday