Blood and Belonging


What was Michael Ignatieff thinking (in regards to that hair cut) in 1994?

Again to the TVO archive, this time from 1994, when Michael Ignatieff and his luxurious head of hair sat down with Steve Paikin to discuss nationalism. Near the end of the interview, he confesses that one day he hopes to enter federal politics for the purpose of leading a coalition government. (Not really.)


Truth in advertising

Vic Toews may or may not want the people of Provencher to believe Michael Ignatieff has no time for Ukranians. Conservative backbencher Tim Uppal used a members’ statement to raise the same allegation in March. A not disinterested blogger, writing for the National Post, did likewise in February.


Apropos of nothing (III)

A very rough—and not entirely chronological—sketch of Michael Ignatieff’s time abroad.