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Obama’s ability to recover

We should not underestimate his capability to adjust, reset, and recoup the advantage in the healthcare debate


Leadership moments in the U.S. healthcare debate

Barack Obama is returning from the ‘Three Amigos’ summit in Mexico to conduct the first of a series of town hall meetings (starting in New Hampshire today) aimed at building support for his plans to reform healthcare. With the polls showing a decided decrease in support for the president’s efforts on this issue, any outreach effort becomes crucial and will probably determine the degree of reform. Despite the boisterous and somewhat staged opposition in the town hall meetings to date, most observers concede that Obama has the numbers in Congress to pass some kind of reform package. The question now is whether it will amount to a transformational change or whether it will it be the result of a transactional or brokered agreement hammered out among legislators which addresses only some of the issues at stake.


The politics of healthcare in America

Obama might be down, but don’t count him out just yet