Bob Plamondon

Nothing to write home about

The truth about Pierre Trudeau and immigration

A new book argues Trudeau’s record on immigration is a myth worth puncturing

The new anti-Trudeau book: I’m in there, just not recognizably

Finding your name in the index of a real, honest-to-goodness, hardcover book, especially if you toil making short-lived works of journalism, is generally an ego-replenishing moment. So it was for me—if only fleetingly—when I saw a little something I’d written cited in Bob Plamandon’s The Truth About Trudeau, the Conservative commentator’s newly published bid to “set the record straight” about Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


Peter the Resilient

Lee Berthiaume tries to figure out why Peter MacKay is still the Defence Minister.


Master of his domain

The book of the moment in deepest Ottawa is Lawrence Martin’s Harperland. My short contribution to the discussion appeared in the magazine last week.


The Tories’ team player

For Peter MacKay, the Afghan file is just the latest test of loyalty


The spin stops here

The Globe gets hold of Conrad Black’s political analysis from prison.