What has Canada done for Bolivia?

Andray Domise: The response from Canada has been empty platitudes about ‘fair and transparent’ elections and ‘standing with the democratic will’

Miriam Toews

Miriam Toews takes on the dark side of Mennonite communities

Toews’s fictional account of Mennonite women’s response to a four-year rampage of sexual assault in a remote colony in Bolivia may be her finest work yet

The year of quinoa?

Just when you thought the super power food was over, the UN’s Food and Culture Organization pulls you back in

The Quinoa wars

Superfood quinoa spurs violence between producers

You’d think quinoa, the popular superfood adored by hippies and vegetarians, could do no harm. But in Bolivia, where most of the world’s quinoa is grown, the protein-filled crop has spurred violence between producers. Politicians are even calling for the government in La Paz, the capital, to send in the army.


Top ten wild places

Wild and wonderful places to go


Is the privatization of water the right thing to do?

Public water systems promote waste and deprive the poor


The myth of Che

Those who have defined Guevara have picked his idealism over ruthlessness