Damaged cars are seen after a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan

How badly has Canada failed Afghanistan?

The massive bombing in Kabul underscores how far the country has fallen as security has collapsed and foreign aid evaporated

Maclean’s Interview: Wiebo Ludwig

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Anti-oil patch activist on his arrest, the ’very humane’ search of his property, and the EnCana pipeline bombings
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Our Afghan M*A*S*H unit

In Kandahar, our docs are saving lives and making friends
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The scary truth about airport security

What works, what doesn’t—and why body scanners aren’t the answer
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Pawns in a fatal game

Pakistan’s people are trapped between their own leaders and radicals in a bloody civil war
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Lebanon redux

Philippe Gohier
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Wife says accused prof is innocent in Paris blast

French police allege U Ottawa, Carleton prof played a role in synagogue bombing