Bono, BandAid and whites in shining armour

Bob Geldof and Bono have changed perceptions about aid in Africa for the better. So why are they relaunching BandAid?

Does U2 still matter?

With Bono musing about retirement, we asked music industry veterans if they’d miss the Irish foursome

Juliette lewis liked my purse!

Novice on the red carpet: Juliette Lewis liked my purse!

At TIFF2011, Jessica Allen learned the ins and outs of celebrity hunting. Now she’s back …

TIFF sports: Brad Pitt hits a homer; ex-Hab hits doc rehab

Pitt finally shines with the lustre of a latter-day Warren Beatty or Robert Redford

Bono, Madonna and Neil Young walk into a bar… looking for Brando

There’s no shortage of rock stars at this year’s TIFF


Rocking the Globe

Star-struck senior staff let Bono and Bob Geldof edit the Globe and Mail


A Welshman and two Irish lads go to the Masonic Temple

Elvis Costello’s ‘Spectacle’ returns tonight, with U2 in Toronto


Cindy Gomez’s Cinderella story

She used to sell office furniture in Toronto. Now she’s a Nokia-branded singing, dancing global superstar.


What Bono says and what he does

There’s a well-documented reason the do-gooder can’t put his money where his mouth is


Forget big tent: unite the left is more like big top

Here’s a hint of how clownish the whole idea is: it’s being pushed by Tory stalwarts


BTC: In search of our own Obama(s)

Recent Canadian history is not entirely bereft of above-average speeches. It just takes a bit of a think to remember the good ones.In the afterglow of Barack Obama’s remarks, various students of the game here were asked to identify the best recent examples of public oratory. All nominated speeches had to have been delivered after Jan. 1, 2000. To the submissions of our experts, I’ve added three—Jean Chretien speaking after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bono speaking at the Liberal convention in 2003 and the current Prime Minister declaring the Quebecois a nation. One suggestion—Brian Mulroney’s speech to the 2003 Progressive Conservative convention—does not appear to be available online.