Portrait of Julia Shaw. (Photograph by Natalie Castellino)

The Memory Illusion, or how to create fake memories

What false memories are teaching us about how remembering works
B0004164 Neurons in the brain – illustration

Your brain is flawed, irrational and paranoid. That’s why it works.

The peculiarities that appear to make the human brain idiotic, says neuroscientist Dean Burnett, are part of what makes us function

The story behind a vegetative patient’s shocking recovery

Two years ago, Juan Torres was in hospital and in a vegetative state. Not only did he recover, he remembers what happened

A newfound link between brain injuries and ADHD

Toronto researchers have found a ’significant association’ between brain injuries and ADHD—and could affect even those with mild concussions
Pain In The Brain

Are we on the cusp of a revolution in how we understand the brain?

Two new studies suggest a potential game-changer in how scientists understand of the brain, which could advance research on MS and Alzheimer’s

How your brain can heal itself

Groundbreaking research offers new hope for people with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and more

Light in the dark: What if vegetative patients are actually conscious?

From 2014: Hitchcock film proved that despite a ’vegetative’ diagnosis, Jeff Tremblay’s brain is awake. What does that mean for end-of-life care?

Cultivating mini-brains

New development lets scientists “study human development in a dish"

Beyond the EEG: Life after ’flat line’

Discovery of a new type of brain activity hints at just how much we have left to learn
B0004164 Neurons in the brain – illustration

The thinking behind the first ‘Vulcan mind meld’

Video: Kate Lunau on the first human brain-to-brain interface