Justin Trudeau

Why everyone loves Brampton*

*And Milton. And really any Toronto-area riding, where small voting shifts can mean big seat counts
Justin Trudeau Paul Martin

Trudeau enters, suddenly, stage left

At a rally in Brampton, the Liberal leader happily draws some unlikely connections between his two chief rivals
Condominiums are seen under construction in Toronto

10 cities where people curse the most

What the bleep is going on in Brampton, Halifax and Winnipeg?

Where Ontario’s next university must be built

Sorry Niagara Falls, it’s not you

This grand branding exercise

The Harper Government™ announces an extension of Canada’s Economic Action Plan™
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The Commons: Shadowboxing the ghosts

Flaherty: "I hope the Liberal senators will stop delaying the bill in the other place."
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The Commons: Inconvenienced by reality

With Harper away at a power point presentation in Brampton, Flaherty was left to answer the tough questions