Brian D. Johnson


Al Purdy comes to life in a new documentary

Long-time film critic Brian D. Johnson pays homage to a voice that still resonates

Best movies of 2014

From the critical darling ’Boyhood’ to a Canadian auteur’s Cannes success, Brian D. Johnson picks his 10 favourite films of the year
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Introducing the Maclean’s TIFF team 2012

Our group of 7 has all the festival bases covered
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The Top 10 movies of the year are ...

Our critic includes ‘Up in the Air,’ ‘Avatar,’ and ‘Bright Star.’ You may want to disagree.
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Sir Ben: Acting 101

Actor Ben Kingsley talks to Brian D. Johnson about the art of acting
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VIDEO: Who will - and who should - win an Oscar on Sunday

Film critic Brian D. Johnson makes his picks