brian saunders


Guess which office doesn’t have an independent investigative function! – Liveblogging the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions at the Justice committee

POSTMEETING ITQ MICRORECAP: During today’s meeting, we learned all about the Public Prosecution Service and its not-actually-all-that-new acting director, Brian Saunders. We also learned that the opposition parties were, at least initially, the teensiest bit sceptical over the independence of his office, since he reports to the Attorney General, and there were many, many questions about exactly how much contact the current director has had with the current (and former) ministers since his appointment, and whether or not either minister had advised him on any specific cases. Finally, we were somewhat surprised when NDP justice critic Joe Comartin gave notice that he would not be voting in favour of a motion recommending that the appointment be confirmed, particularly when he declined to explain why he was withholding his support. After the motion passed, the chair kicked the rest of us out so the committee could discuss future business in camera, and that was that.