Brian Topp

The Topp memos

The NDP campaign director explains everything

Have Conservatives won the tax debate?

Thomas Mulcair is criticized from the left

What does the NDP stand for?

The New Democrats consider their preamble

Too soon for a movie about Jack Layton?

Aaron Wherry on a fine rendering of Jack Layton’s life, love and last campaign


Thomas Mulcair on cap-and-trade

As part of last week’s conversation with the NDP leader, I asked a few questions about cap-and-trade and putting a price on carbon.

A rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce

Have you been afraid to ask? Here’s what you need to know

Jack Layton tribute in Toronto

The square in front of Toronto’s city hall was packed for Dear Jack, a tribute to the late NDP leader


‘Jack would have liked that, a lot’

Brian Topp considers the last 12 months for the NDP and looks ahead to the next three years.

‘He had some remarkable things to say’

An oral history of Jack Layton’s last letter


Spending, cutting, voting and chicken analogies

The Agenda convenes a panel—including Brian Topp—to discuss austerity and democracy.


Person, party, Parliament

Greg Fingas considers Bruce Hyer’s defection in the context of Thomas Mulcair’s hopes for regional outreach. Brian Topp considers Mr. Hyer’s defection in the context of the “bozo eruptions” that apparently hurt Wild Rose’s chances in Alberta.


The popularity of taxing the rich

Further to this post last week, a new poll in Ontario finds massive support for a proposal of the province’s NDP.